Before and After School Clubs

We feel it is important for children to have the opportunity to experience a wide range of clubs.

Children are actively encouraged to attend at least one club. We firmly believe this develops independence, physical and emotional well being and importantly develops friendships outside the classroom.

Clubs are coordinated by our PE Co-Ordinator who ensures a variety of good value for money clubs are available. Clubs take place before/after school and during the lunch break.

A new and updated Clubs timetable will be uploaded as soon as it is available.

Breakfast Club

Children MUST be pre-booked into 7.45am and 8.15am breakfast clubs via Schoolcomms, this MUST be done 4 days before the session you require and the session should be paid for before they can attend. This enables us to provide the cook with the number of children attending each day so that she can prepare food for the correct amount.


  • If, after you have booked a session you find that you no longer require this then please let the School Office know the day before the session before 3pm, so that we can cancel the food order. If you do not cancel a session you no longer require then you will still be charged for a non-attendance fee which is £1.50 – so an 8.15am breakfast club fee will be applied.

ENTRANCE TO CLUBS: Entrance to both clubs is via the Nursery Front gate and the school hall door. Please access the door via the Reception Class playground. Children must be prompt for their session and once the 8.15am club is admitted there will be no children accepted late.

EARLY BREAKFAST CLUB: Our Early Breakfast Clubs starts at 07.45am, the charge for this is £3.00 per child, per day. 

8.15AM BREAKFAST CLUB: Our later Breakfast Clubs starts at 08.15AM. This is charged at £1.50 per child, per day.

Breakfast club menu is below.

Should you have any further questions about either of our Breakfast Clubs then please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff in the School Office.





There is a Lifesavers savings club every Wednesday at 8:30 am in the empty year 3 classroom . This enables children to save on a regular basis and understand the importance of saving. There are half termly prizes for the children who regularly save whether it be 10p or £10.

Early intervention in financial education is key to developing positive behaviours and attitudes in relation to money. In an increasingly complex financial world, it is more important than ever to develop the financial capability of children from a young age, and to equip teachers and parents with the confidence and knowledge to engage children in learning about money.

Our values-based approach to financial education explores what it means to be wisegenerousjust and thankful with our money, recognising that attitudes are as important as knowledge and skills in shaping financial behaviour.

LifeSavers is a unique programme for primary schools offering a whole school approach that provides:

  • Resources and training for teachers to embed financial education into the school curriculum
  • Support for school savings clubs to give children a practical experience of handling money
  • A whole community approach that involves parents, credit unions and others in helping children learn about money

Combining these elements enables meaningful classroom learning to be put into practice through participation in a savings club, with the active support of parents and other community organisations