Amadeus You Tube channel - maths teaching

Dear Parents and Carers,


In recognition of the key role parents and carers play in supporting Maths at home, we are delighted to inform you that we have a new online video resource available to parents and carers designed to support understanding of how Maths is taught across KS1 & KS2, within your child’s class and across our schools within the APAT Trust.


Created by the APAT Math Curriculum team to support our school calculation policy, each year group now has Math teaching videos available to view on our secure Amadeus YouTube channel.


Each short video breaks down the specific teaching for each topic, using clear and easily understood strategies for learning which are consistent with the approach used by your child’s class teacher. 


The Amadeus YouTube channel can be accessed either using the link sent to you via your school’s communication system or through the school website (Our Learning, Curriculum).


Please take the time to view the content so you can be kept up to date on your child’s learning in school.


Kind regards,


The APAT Maths Team


Mrs V Anning                            Miss H Collins                       Mrs K Sukonik

St. Pauls Cray                                        Hillsgrove                                      St. Paulinus


Mr J Allen                                   Miss E Carr                          Mrs C Bunyan

Castilion                                                 Old Bexley                               Holy Trinity Lamorbey